Award-winning Austonian Whiskey is matured using a special barrel alternative process that gives us more precise control over the flavor profile and exceptional smoothness, while using less resources. Our natural process uses no artificial colors or flavors.

When you drink Austonian Whiskey, you'll notice that it's remarkably smooth, with a creamy mouth feel, and a pleasant balance of caramel and vanilla notes culminating with a comfortable spice on the finish.

Try letting it breathe in a glass - notice how the nose and flavor develop over a few minutes - as the toasted oak comes forward and balances harmoniously with a subtly sweet caramel and delicate spice.

Austonian Texas Bourbon Whiskey is pot distilled in small batches, expressing the delicate flavors of the constituent grains.

Next, it's stored in bourbon barrels - made from new American oak and charred on the inside. This gives the bourbon it's amber color and adds a variety of flavors.

Finally, the bourbon is finished using the Travis County Process, a special step only used by Austonian Spirits, which smooths and integrates the flavors, rounding off the oak, and allowing all of the subtle flavors to be expressed without any overpowering notes. Subtle sweet flavors from the corn, and fragrant spices from the rye are all expressed alongside flavors from the barrel.

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